Ensuring rights and choices for all


11 March 2019

Promoting responsible and healthy behaviours; UNFPA goes to “Chorkor”

Certain gender misconstructions by society have hugely contributed to gender inequality. The world can only succeed in achieving equity in gender issues when women and men enjoy equal opportunities as well as rights and...

13 February 2019

UNFPA Ghana holds IEC Development Working Session for Adolescent Girls

Investing in the wellbeing of young people, especially adolescent girls, has been a major focus of UNFPA globally. Currently in Ghana, UNFPA and UNICEF with funding from the Canadian Government is implementing a joint...

Fitness session for staff

13 February 2019

UNFPA Ghana Plans for 2019

2019 happens to be a critical year for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) all over the world. It is a year that represents the 50th and 25th anniversaries of UNFPA and the International Conference on Population...

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