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UNFPA Ghana releases ten (10) new publications

25 March 2019

UNFPA Ghana releases ten (10) new publications

UNFPA Ghana has released ten (10) new publications which chronicles some of the work of the Country Office ensured in 2018.

18 March 2019

Nigerian and Ghanaian Youth interact through UN4U

Young people make positive contributions to the achievement of a sustainable world hence the need for their empowerment, development and participation in building a better world. Strengthening the Foundations of the...

11 March 2019

Promoting responsible and healthy behaviours; UNFPA goes to “Chorkor”

Certain gender misconstructions by society have hugely contributed to gender inequality. The world can only succeed in achieving equity in gender issues when women and men enjoy equal opportunities as well as rights and...



Fifty years ago, it was hard for women to obtain contraception and relatively easy to...
Can you imagine a world where every pregnancy is wanted every childbirth is safe and ...

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