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Nigerian and Ghanaian Youth interact through UN4U

Young people make positive contributions to the achievement of a sustainable world hence the need for their empowerment, development and participation in building a better world. Strengthening the Foundations of the youth must be a priority of every nation as stated in the United Nations (UN) Youth Strategy launched in 2018.

The United Nations Communication Group (UNCG) in Ghana through the UN4U programme hosted students from the Crescent University, Abeokuta, Nigeria together with students from the University of Ghana to interact with the UN system in Ghana.

UN4U is an outreach programme which brings UN officials to speak to students and young people both in- school and out- of- school.  It is aimed at communicating the work of the United Nations in the simplest terms for all the young people to attain a greater understanding for the work of the UN. It ultimately teaches how the “United Nations works for and with nations” on a daily basis. The programme covers the history of the UN, its structure and works through various agencies.

Focusing on youth engagement and under the theme “Engaging the Youth for the Achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, the platform provided students from Nigeria and University of Ghana the opportunity to interact with the UN in Ghana on the SDGs. There were presentations by members of the various UN agencies and their rallying point, the United Nations Strategic Development Partnership (UNSDP). The presentations touched on successes and challenges of the UN in their day to day operations in Ghana.

Ms Cynthis Prah of UNIC taking the students through the SDGs

The students from both countries asked very pertinent questions some of which bothered on how the UN gathers its data in countries. The platform was also used to clarify some myth and misconceptions about the UN. There was an exhibition by all the UN agencies to climax the interaction session.

The visiting students also participated in an outreach programme organized by the United Nations Populations Fund (UNFPA) at Extra “0” in Chorkor- a fishing community in Accra as part of activities towards the International Women’s Day celebrations. The school outreach reached 150 young adolescents with information on Sexual and Reproductive Health and gender equality education as a call to action for accelerating gender parity in the society.

Some of the Students at the UNFPA exhibition booth

Some of the Nigerian students just before their departure, shared their experiences:

 “My visit to Ghana has been really educative the UN is working. I think every adolescent needs to have comprehensive sexuality education at an early age, UNFPA is doing a very good job educating the students”. Aminat Sodipo - Nigeria

 “UNFPA is touching lives all over the world considering their community programs, some adolescent lack access to information. This sexual reproductive health information is very helpful for the adolescent”. Ademola Abolaji – Nigeria.

Students from Both countries suggested the programme be extended to cover a lot more of schools and also include other countries since the opportunity was an eye opener for them.