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Ahead of this year’s commemoration of World Population Day, UNFPA Ghana joined the National Population Council and the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Ghana for a press briefing to highlight issues in the theme for this year’s celebration. The respective heads of the institutions took time to introduce journalists gathered to key issues around the 2022 theme: “ A world of 8 billion: Towards a resilient future, Harnessing opportunities and ensuring rights and choices for all”

 NPC Executive Director, Dr. Leticia Adelaide Appiah making her remarks at the Press Briefing

In her presentation, the Executive Director of the National Population Council, Dr. Leticia Adelaide Appiah, expressed the significance of the commemoration of World Population Day as a day that reminds all to consider the state of the population; including hindrances to social and economic development in order for policymakers to take proper action. She also shared how the current population growth in Ghana is unsustainable, as there are a little over 1 million births and 280,000 deaths every year - creating a net increase of over 700,000 people. 

Dr. Appiah equally emphasized how teenage pregnancies and child marriage reaffirms the unsustainable growth rate and how reproductive health rights and choices is crucial for slowing down the growth rate and bridging both inequality gaps in society. She also touched upon the area of family planning and made it clear that ‘you cannot plan a nation, if you do not plan a family.’ Dr. Appiah concluded her statement by stating that it is necessary for Ghana to reduce levels of population growth for a sustainable government and to achieve a Ghana beyond aid.

UNFPA Country Rep a.i., Mr. Barnabas Yisa making remarks at the Press Briefing

In his solidarity remarks to the Government of Ghana, the Country Representative a.i. of UNFPA, Barnabas Yisa, iterated that knowledge about population and development is essential. ‘The more we know about the situation, the more we can do’, he added. 

The Country Rep a.i added that, the population of Ghana today is approximately 31 million with the majority being young people. ‘It clearly shows the need to invest in the youthful population in order to harness the demographic dividend. Mr. Barnabas Yisa concluded his statement by confirming that UNFPA Ghana stands behind the government of Ghana in lifting the quality of life for the people of Ghana.