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The Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP), established first in 2001 as the Ministry Women and Children's Affairs, among other things, has the mandate to promote the welfare of women and children in Ghana as well as ensuring that the social roles assigned to males relative to females do not put any of them especially females in a disadvantaged position. It is, therefore, responsible for initiating, coordinating and monitoring gender responsive issues towards ensuring that women enjoy equal status as males while promoting the rights of children in society. 


The five-year strategic plan to address adolescent pregnancy is informed by several factors. Ghana's population is largely youthful with 22.4 percent of the population classified as adolescents of age 10-19 years and about 62 percent being less than 25 years as at 2010. Ghana's demographic transition also shows the onset of a demographic dividend, driven by a changing age structure characterized by a shrinking children's population and expanding economically active population, thereby also reducing the dependency burden.