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Ghana conducted its sixth post-independence population census between 27th June and 18th July 2021. The census enumeration was originally planned to end on 11th July 2021. However, several challenges experienced during the enumeration in some urban and peri-urban areas, necessitated an extension of the exercise until 18th July 2021. The countrywide extension of the enumeration was to enable Ghana Statistical Service to finalize enumeration in areas that were not completed by the initial end date (11th July 2021).

To ensure independent assessment of the census, an independent monitoring team consisting census experts from National Statistical Offices in Africa, UNFPA staff from the Ghana Country Office, UNFPA COs in Africa, the HQ
and staff from UNECA was assembled to monitor the 2021 PHC of Ghana. The monitoring team was coordinated by a consultant engaged by UNFPA and supported by 28 international monitors and 17 national monitors.