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The Evolution of the Empowered Woman at 2021 SHE Summit

Glitz Africa, in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Ghana, hosted the 6th SHE Summit series on the theme: Women Evolution, the era of the Empowered Women on the 28th of July, 2021.

Over 200 participants from diverse backgrounds shared and listened to insightful submissions from prominent women such as the Deputy Representative of UNFPA Ghana, Dr. Agnes Kayitankore, CEO Groupe Sebastien and Founder of Fair Justice Initiative Femi Asante, Managing Director Anita Erskine Media, Anita Erskine, CEO GUBA Enterprise, Dentaa Amoateng MBE and UNFPA Ghana Honorary Aambassador, Claudia Lumor.

The Deputy Representative of UNFPA Ghana Dr. Agnes Kayitankore, in a presentation on intimate partner violence reiterated that no form of reasoning justified intimate partner violence. She expressed that women are often at the brunt of this form of violence, hence to empower more women, avenues such as the Orange Support Centre must be amplified to encourage to women to speak out and get necessary aid when facing issues of sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).

Femi Asante, spoke passionately about how multi-faceted, the empowerment of women is. She stated that some of the various ways in which women can be empowered so that they are not left behind is through; education, financial aid, life skills provision and even platforms such as the summit to learn from each other’s stories.

In addition, UNFPA Ghana Honorary Ambassador, Claudia Lumor says; “creating opportunities, sharing her experiences and providing the needed resources for young women is a way of empowering them”. She emphasized on the need to be each other’s keeper and urged other women in abusive relationships to speak out and seek for help by calling the toll-free number (0800111222) from the Orange Support centre to get the needed support.

The Orange Support Centre is a collaboration between UNFPA Ghana and the Domestic Violence Secretariat (DVS) of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection (MoGCSP), to address the needs of victims of GBV and turn them in to survivors.