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Due to unforeseen circumstances many workers around the world have been forced to work from home. The spread of the novel corona virus (COVID19) has led many countries towards isolation by limiting public gatherings and the movement of people within and out of the country. This pandemic is a global issue that affects people everywhere. Workers in the UN are no exception as they have been called to stay at home and telecommute. As a result, workers have had to adjust to a new way of working. 


Working from home calls for workers to approach their job with much more intent. When working from home, the temptation of relaxing in the comfort of the home or overworking is present. Traditionally, work finds itself outside of the home and home serves as the safe haven. This helps keep work and personal life separate. However, when the two come together it is sometimes hard to separate the two and find a healthy balance. In this time of quarantine, working circumstances have changed and it is even harder for some, as they are confronted with the presence of members of their household. This calls for self-discipline, scheduling, and mutual understanding between workers and their families in order to lead forward in productivity.

Mr. Godwin Adzaku, a staff of UNFPA, shared his experience as a father of young children: “Working from the house has been good so far. Not having to commute to and from work has given me more time to rest and spend with my family. It is risky though, sometimes it feels like I am on leave. I have to be intentional about checking my emails and making sure that my work gets done. My little children-particularly the two year old who is so attached to me- interrupt me, but I am learning to cope because this may be our circumstance for a while. Luckily for me, I have my mother-in-law and sister-in-law to help. I literally have to lock myself in the bedroom to work if I want peace”.

The reliance on telecommunication tools adds another layer to this new way of work. Workers must adapt to interaction through technology. This calls for a strong alertness and awareness to the devices at hand. Phone calls, messages, web chats, and emails must all be taken seriously as they are the only way of communication in this season of social distancing. 

Nonetheless, this is a time of readjustment for everybody. UN workers are not exempt and must find a way to adjust and lead forward like everybody else. If anything, this is a time where the nation needs us the most. Therefore, we must work harder and smarter to help do our part in moving forward. 

Mr Niyi Ojuolape UNFPA Ghana Resident Representative

As a way of encouraging staff, the UNFPA Representative Niyi Ojuolape said, “I will like to commend all of you for holding yourselves in these difficult times. Working from home is not easy but you have shown strength and resilience particularly when this is the first of its kind situation. Keep up the good work. Finally, I want to reiterate the precautionary measures: wash your hands, use your hand sanitizer, stay home and practice social distancing as you work from home.”

With the pandemic still raging, more quarantine days loom ahead. However, with the right psycho-social support, everyone will pull through successfully and in one piece.