UNFPA Organizes workshop for Midwives on Safe Delivery App

30 June 2018
Ms. Fareeda Yelgie a midwife from Tulon after assisting the delivering  a baby with the help of the Safe Delivery App

UNFPA in partnership with Maternity Foundation organized a workshop on the Safe Delivery App (SDA), a training tool for midwives on 13th June 2018. The purpose of this workshop was to reconvene key stakeholders to follow up on the successful launch of the Safe Delivery App in Ghana, review initial results after six months of use, and discuss the experience of skilled birth attendants who utilized the App. It is envisioned that this interactive workshop will help guide future use of the SDA throughout Ghana.

Since the launch of the App in December 2017, training courses have been held for more than 100 selected midwives from the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ghana Health Service (GHS) the Christian Health Association of Ghana (CHAG) Ghana Nurse and Midwives Council (GNMC) and JHPIEGO with support from UNFPA and Maternity Foundation.

UNFPA Representative, Mr. Niyi Ojuolape in his submission at the workshop said strengthening midwifery services is at the core of the UNFPA’s mandate. Through UNFPA’s transformative goals: “end preventable maternal deaths, end unmet need for family planning and end gender-based violence and other harmful practices. He encouraged the midwives and health practitioners to be diligent and steadfast in their field of practice to end preventable maternal mortality.


The safe delivery app contains four basic features: 10 animated instruction videos, action cards, a drug list and practical procedure instructions. All features are designed for low-income settings and work completely offline once downloaded. The videos are between 5 – 7 minutes long and can be watched in chapters.

The Ghana Safe Delivery App can be used both as a training tool in pre- and in-service training and also equipping skilled birth attendants with an on-the-job reference tool to handle emergencies that arise during childbirth.

There were presentations on research results and testimonies from Midwives on the App’s integration in their field of practice. Ms. Fareeda Tinorgah Yelgie a midwife from the northern region shared her experience from using the App. She said it was very instrumental in saving a new- born child where a woman whom she was assisting to give birth but could not and had to be referred to the Tamale hospital. It was a delicate moment as the expectant mother could not sit on a motorcycle because the baby already had one leg out.  Ms Yelgie said she used the App for direction and found it very helpful.


Maternity Foundation and the UNFPA integrated the Ghana Safe Delivery App in midwifery practice to improve the quality of care at delivery points across Ghana. The app contains the latest clinical guidelines on basic emergency obstetric cases and caring for new-born.

For more information kindly click on the link to SDA intro film below


Download the app for free
The Save Delivery App can be downloaded free of charge from this link Download to iPhone or iPad or Download to android