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What’s Next for Women: Using Partnerships to Achieve Gender Equality

Partnerships offer an avenue for exchanging ideas, resources, technology and know-how for the achievement of goals. For UNFPA, the role of partnerships cannot be over-emphasized, simply by its recognition as one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—Goal 17.

It was against this backdrop that the Office of the Executive Director of UNFPA held the recent in series of “What’s Next” Conversations on the topic: “Achieving Gender Equality and Inclusion: The Power of Partnerships.

Participants in the session included: Dr. Natalia Kanem, Hon. Penelope Beckles, MP, Dr. Joyce F. Brown, David Evangelista, Dr. Daniela Ligiero, Dr. Sameera Tuwaijri and the moderator of the session, Nia Lyte.

Ghana was also represented on the bill for the global conversation, with the participation of UNFPA Ghana Honorary Ambassador, Claudia Lumor and a special guest appearance from child DJ prodigy, DJ Switch.

To achieve Gender Equality and inclusion, which is one of the mainstays of the Agency’s work, bringing these diverse group of stakeholders together to discuss ways to harness the power of partnerships was an indication of UNFPA’s desire to engage more sectors to make advances in gender parity.

Speaking at the session, Claudia Lumor said, “We should create networks that bring women together and encourage them saying: whatever you want to do, you can do it.” DJ Switch on her part, thrilled the international audience to a broad repertoire of back-to-back hit songs.

The discussion showcased the power of partnerships to bring change to women and girls, towards the building of more equal and inclusive societies.