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It is unfortunate that we cannot meet physically as we do every year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. I do remember the interactions and joys we had last year in Bolga in the Upper East Region.


Nonetheless, we are still meeting virtually and the advantage here is that we are reaching a large number of you who for one reason or the other could not have made it to the destination if it were physical meeting.


Countries across the world are uniting in recognition of the essential role the midwives play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and Universal health coverage.


Midwives are the defenders of the rights of women as they are the caregivers to millions of women and newborns.


Midwives are the ones who made it possible for those of us alive today because of the care our mothers received.


Let us inform everyone with an interest or background in health and justice that midwives are crucial to reducing maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality

Let us celebrate the achievements of midwives and their contribution to improving sexual, reproductive, maternal and newborn health outcomes and

Let us motivate policymakers to implement change by lobbying for adequate midwifery resources and recognition of the unique professional role of midwives

I join the midwives today and request everyone to join them as they ‘Celebrate, Demonstrate, Mobilise and Unite for gender equality.

I salute all midwives today; I salute all frontline workers in this COVID-19 era.

Thank you.